Welcome to Worship

We know that coming to a church for the first time can be an uncomfortable experience. Hopefully, this glimpse of what to expect on Sunday mornings at First Christian Church can help alleviate some anxiety and allow you to worship more fully.

Dress is casual.

Hot coffee and snacks are available prior to and after each service.

Each worship service includes a children's sermon, the offering up of prayer requests, a relevant and challenging sermon, and the partaking of communion, or the Lord's Supper.


While our address is listed on Goat Creek Road, both entrances to our campus are on Lois Street. We have ample parking accessible from either entrance. Feel free to park anywhere. Reserved handicap spots are clearly marked.

Entrance to the building on Sunday mornings is limited to the main entrance under the porte-cochere on the south side of the building. A circle drive goes up to the main entrance.

11:00 TRADITIONAL worship

This service is traditional in nature with traditional hymns we all grew up with. Our sanctuary choir offers an anthem each week that is uplifting and meaningful. Communion is served by passing trays among the congregation, thereby allowing us (both guests and members) to serve one another. You are invited to take the bread as it is passed, and hold the cup until you are ready to drink it. The service usually lasts an hour.

sunday school for all ages

We offer Sunday School classes for all ages.

A nursery is available for infants and toddlers.

what about the kids?

First Christian Church welcomes your children, just as Jesus welcomed them. A quality nursery is available for the entirety of the morning. We encourage children to be with their family until after the children's sermon in each service, when children younger than third grade are excused to the nursery, where they will be well cared for while continuing to learn about God and building a foundation of faith. Of course, your children of any age are welcome to remain with you for the entirety of worship. We believe that families that worship together grow stronger together. We have Sunday school classes for children beginning at age three. Children two years old and younger are invited to be in the nursery.